Senteurs D'Orient

Oriental Rose Shea Butter

190,000 LBP
Repair, moisturize and nourish your dry skin and lips with the luxury Shea butter balm rich essential oils.

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Carefully extracted from the Shea nut, this excellent emollient, rich in essential oils, repairs, moisturizes and nourishes dry lips and skin.
Created with Rose essential oil. Part of the sale of this product will go toward women’s education in Lebanon.

Apply on dry skin and lips.
✘ Preservatives ✘ Parabens ✘ Colorants ✘ Beeswax ✘ Petrolatum ✘ Lanolin ✘ Mineral Oils ✘ BHT ✔ Shea Butter ✔ Pure Essential Oils ✔ Vitamin E ✔ Vegan ✔ Cruelty-free

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