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Enriched with Cocoa and Aloe Vera extracts, this luxurious self tanning cream with a caramel tint instantly deepens your skin tone for a natural looking, golden glow without the damaging effects of sun radiation. Suitable for face and body.

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Rich self-tanning cream for face and body that creates a natural-looking, glowing tan while nourishing and softening skin. Indulgent cream texture smoothes on with a soft caramel tint to guide application for even, mistake-proof coverage. Creates a healthy-looking, sun-kissed glow that develops over just a few hours. Formulated with natural plant extracts of Cocoa and Aloe Vera, this moisturizing formula soothes and nourishes—leaving skin soft, smooth, and comfortable. Delicious scent of Cocoa veils the skin and delights the senses.

For best results, exfoliate skin the day before applying. For quick and even application on the body, use Clarins' Self Tanning Body Mitt. 1. Dispense product onto hands or the applicator mitt. 2. Smooth on gently and evenly, working quickly with a small amount of self tanner at a time. 3. Avoid the eyebrows and hairline when applying to the face. 4. After applying to the body, gently wipe off areas that tend to absorb more color—the elbows, knees, and heels. 5. Wash hands and nails thoroughly immediately after application. 6. Allow to dry before dressing.

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