AquaLigne Brûle-Graisse + Draineur Jour/Nuit

41,381 LBP
This powdered supplement contains two formulas for night and day with fat-burning botanicals to encourage weight loss and the drainage of excess water weight, for a slimmer appearance.

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Aqualigne Fat Burning + Drainer helps you to refine your silhouette, thanks to a double action formula combining the active properties of 2 slimming plants with a pleasant taste of forest fruits in the morning and citrus fruits in the evening.

A double action:
- Drain water and toxins: During the day, elderberry promotes deep drainage to infiltrate the tissues and eliminate accumulated toxins
- Burn fat: At night, guarana intervenes to help burn fat reserve to eliminate extra pounds.

During the 8 days, take 1 dose per day. To drink in the morning diluted in a large glass of water!
1 sachet day brings 345 mg of elderberry extract 1 sachet night brings 500 mg of Guarana extract

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