Waso Silky Smooth Sakura Mochi Mask

100,000 LBP
Inspired by the clarity of Japanese Sakura Mochi, this unique face mask contains two formulas to be mixed that soften and relax the skin to reveal a perfectly supple and radiant complexion.

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Inspired by sakura mochi, a Japanese rice confection to celebrate sakura blooming. Mix the powder with the liquid and create your own brand new skincare experience. Infused with sakura complex, the comforting, gooey sensation softens and relaxes the skin, leaving it fresh, smooth and glowing with clarity like sakura petals.

Relaxes your skin and mind with its warming effect
Helps achieve a healthy-looking and glowing skin

1. Use on clean, dry skin. 2. Pour agent (1) (the powder) in the cup. Add the agent (2) (the liquid). 3. Stir the mixture with the spatula until well mixed. 4. When the powder and liquid are combined, take the mochi mask out. 5. Stretch the mochi mask out. 6. Divide the mask in half while it is still warm. Set one piece aside. 7. Hold it to your cheek with one hand and spread the mask out with the other hand. Repeat on the other side. 8. Remove the mask after 5 minutes, when the warming sensation stops. 9. Apply softener or moisturizer.
Sakura petals : The petals of sakura are generally known for their beauty effects. Here, The leaf extract delivers an antioxidant effect Rice extract: Help to bring a glow and luster to skin.

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