Timodore Great Toe Straightener

174,500 LBP
This anatomically designed toe straightener realigns the big toe to prevent overlapping that can cause friction, leading to calluses and ingrown nails.

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Igiene Piede Great Toe Straightener is a podiatric Silica Gel Line product recommended in order to protect and realign the great toe in case of toe overlapping, avoid toe friction, and prevent the formation of callosities among toes and ingrown toe-nails.
It is made of soft Silica Gel, a natural, washable and reusable substance. The Silica Gel contains also Mineral Oil that softens the skin as well as the callosities, facilitating their removal.
The special anatomical shape of the product makes it suitable for any foot type.
Medical Device Class 1
1 piece blister

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