Timodore Blister Plasters - Box of 3

12,000 LBP
These blister plasters protect the skin from friction to prevent blister formation and shield existing blisters from more damage while providing the optimal environment to encourage skin healing.

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Igiene Piede Blister Plasters prevent the formation of blisters and, once they do form, protect them from friction and external contaminations.
The Hydrocolloid Blister Pads are conceived according to the hydrocolloidal method. The latter is based on the principle that a wound heals better and faster in a humid environment. The peculiarity of this method is that it prevents any dehydration and ensures a constant skin oxygenation while allowing the evaporation of the exudates and excess liquids produced by the wound.
A number of tests have been carried out:
toxicological that proved that all the raw materials being used are harmless and contain no products of animal origin;
biocompatibility that proved that the product does not irritate the skin;
absorption capacity.
Medical Device Class 2A
Available in medium (feet and heel) and small (feet, hands and fingers): 3 pieces per pack.

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