SoftCup Feeder 800.0599

637,000 LBP
This unique feeding cup features a soft silicone tip to enable better feeding of babies who have difficulty breastfeeding with a curved design to ensure less waste of breast milk.

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The SoftCup is ideal for the short-term feeding babies with sucking difficulties. With its soft, spoon-shaped mouthpiece it is an easy and gentle way to feed. The amount of milk the baby takes can be easily tracked and controlled. It is an excellent alternative to cupfeeding. The Medela SoftCup comes with an 80 ml container with curved bottom.

The mouthpiece of the SoftCup is made of soft silicone and allows for gentle cup feeding.

NEW: The device comes with an 80ml container that has a curved bottom to minimise milk loss and graduations to track the amount of milk taken.

Thanks to the one-way valve membrane between the container and the mouthpiece, the milk flow can be regulated easily by squeezing the chambers of the mouthpiece.

The device can be reused after cleaning in accordance with the instructions for use.

Gentle cup feeding
Minimised milk loss thanks to curved bottom
Controlled milk flow
Reliable tracking of the amount of milk taken

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