Self-Tanning Natural & Uniform Body Color Gloves - Pack of 3

41,000 LBP
These innovative self tanning mittens provide a natural looking tan that adapts to your skin tone with a hassle and mess-free format, for glowing results in just 3 hours.

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Self-tanning body wipes which produce a natural smooth tan
First day on the beach? Get rid of that milk-bottle white from day one with the Self-Tanning lotion which gives you a natural tan in just 3 hours.
The intensity of the tan adapts to your natural skin tone.
It gives you a natural smooth tone.
It contains a moisturising complex which helps avoid dry skin.
You can easily reach all parts of your body.
It’s the equivalent of using 4 Self-Tanning wipes.
3 hours for a complete application
Pack of 3 mittens
Lasts 4 days

Apply evenly all over your body on clean, dry skin. Don’t forget your ankles and the backs of your knees and wash your hands after using the product. Wait until the absorption is complete before you get dressed to avoid staining your clothes.
Paraben-free. Fragrance allergen-free. No added dyes. Does not contain sunscreen. 100% natural and biodegradable fibres. Oil-free. Moisturising complex A combination of Butylene Glycol, which assists moisture retention in the epidermis and avoids dehydration by forming a film on the skin, and UCON 75-H-450, a film-forming polymer made up of a mix of glycols with a strong moisturising effect. DHA Plus Reacts with the proteins of the epidermis producing a colour similar to a suntan, and lasts for as long as it takes for skin cells to renew. Because it is stabilised with sodium metasulphite, the DHA Plus limits the degradation of the DHA and intensifies its action. This reaction is enhanced by the presence of Transcutol, a strong penetrating agent. The dehydroxyacetone of self-tanning is more stable and its perfume is odourless. Erythrulose A sugar of natural origin which helps to avoid dehydration and the sensation of skin-tightening as well as allowing the tan to last longer.

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