S.O.S. Nail Antionycophagy

39,000 LBP
This unique solution prevents nail biting to maintain healthy nails and cuticles and prevent infection associated with nail biting.

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SOS Nails Antionicophagy is the natural and effective solution that inhibits nail biting, giving hardness and flexibility to the nails and giving them immediate well-being and a healthy and well-groomed appearance.
Onychophagy is that disorder that prompts you to eat your nails and, in the most serious cases, also the surrounding skin and cuticles, with harmful consequences both on a physical and psychological level. This disorder mainly affects times of high stress, boredom or anxiety, and is common in both children and adults. In addition to an anti-aesthetic effect, biting the nails and surrounding skin can cause small wounds that can facilitate the development of bacterial infections.

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