Reshaping Draining Wraps Duo

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This lovely bundle contains: Reshaping Draining Wraps 2x100ml + 2 of Reshaping Draining Solution Refill 400ml

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Creator of the first wrap for Perfumeries, Collistar presents new Reshaping Draining Wraps, a professional treatment for home use with a high-impact action on water retention, localized fatty deposits and unsightly cellulite, reshaping treated areas (legs, buttocks, hips, abdomen and arms) from the very first application.

Designed by the experts at Collistar Clean Research®, the wraps are soaked in Reshaping Draining Solution for an instant and progressive effect.

Instant effect Through the process of osmosis, the high salt concentration draws excess liquids to the surface of the skin, helping drain them and delivering a remineralizing, detox action.
Progressive effect. Caffeine and escin, both with excellent lipolytic and draining properties, are combined with ginger extract to ease tiredness and remodel the body with an intensive, targeted action on localized fatty deposits, reshaping treated areas and making them feel lighter. Centella asiatica leaves treated areas looking smooth and toned while increasing the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

Practical and comfortable, the wraps are made from a special stretch fabric, ensuring they adapt to individual body shapes. The occlusive action delivers the active ingredients to treated areas, with a pleasant compressive massage that boosts the microcirculation. That’s not all. The fabric prevents the solution from dripping and allows complete freedom of movement during use.

The results are visible after the very first 30-minute application: treated areas are lighter and less puffy, water retention decreases and the skin is visibly smoother. With continued use, the benefits are even greater and last for longer: localized fatty deposits are improved and treated areas appear firmer and remodeled. Ideal all year round, Reshaping Draining Wraps are perfect as an intensive professional treatment when legs feel particularly swollen and heavy, or as a “last minute” solution before an important date.

Reshaping Draining Wraps can be applied to legs, buttocks, hips, abdomen and arms as required. It is advisable to cover any surfaces you will be resting on with a towel before treatment. There is no need to rinse skin after the treatment. If only using one wrap, the other pre-soaked wrap can be sealed inside the sachet and used within 3 days. LEGS • Before applying the wrap, clean and thoroughly dry the area involved then rub over the skin with the fingertips, working upwards. • Rest your foot on a stool and begin rolling the soaked wrap around the leg, crossing it over; do not wrap it too tightly. • When you reach your knee, straighten your leg and continue wrapping up to the top of the thigh. • Tuck the loose end under the top of the wrap. • Apply the second wrap to your other leg and leave on for 30 minutes. You can move around during treatment. • Remove the wrap and massage in any excess liquid, working upwards, to intensify the effect of the treatment. BUTTOCKS, THIGHS AND ABDOMEN • Before applying the wrap, clean and thoroughly dry the area involved. • At the top of your thighs, as close as possible to your groin, begin rolling the wrap around one buttock; move on to the other buttock, the hips and the abdomen, stopping four fingers above your navel. • If only treating your abdomen, start rolling the wrap four fingers below your navel and end four fingers above it. • Leave on for 30 minutes. You can move around during treatment. • Remove the wrap and massage in any excess liquid to intensify the effect of the treatment. ARMS • Before applying the wrap, clean and thoroughly dry the area involved. • Start rolling the wrap around your arm two fingers above your left wrist (or right wrist), stopping at your shoulder; bend your elbow to 90°. • Once you reach your left shoulder (or right shoulder), pass the wrap behind your neck and move on to your right shoulder (or left shoulder); passing it under your underarm, repeat the process working from the top of the arm downwards. • After 30 minutes, remove the wrap and massage in any excess liquid as follows: make a circle around your wrist with your thumb and index finger and move upwards to your elbow four times. Repeat the movement from your elbow to your shoulder. Finally, imagine you are gently “kneading” your inner arm, working up towards your shoulder.
HOW TO USE: for optimum results, we recommend 10 treatments: • first 2 weeks: twice, as an intensive treatment • following weeks: once, to maintain the benefits IDEAL WITH: effective by themselves, they can be combined with slimming and anticellulite treatments for even more visible results. Before applying, prepare the skin with Anti-water Talasso-Scrub to revitalize it and make it more receptive to the treatment. • Drink some water before the treatment to boost the draining effect • In summer, keep the wraps in the fridge for a cryotherapy effect • In winter, warm them on the radiator for half an hour to boost comfort and relaxation

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