Re-Densifying Cream - Vitamin A

2,013,000 LBP
A cream specifically formulated for 50-year-old or above to boost Collagen production resulting in a lifted, re-densified, more toned skin. Its specialized formula, rich in ATP and encapsulated Vitamin A, increases skin’s elasticity to prevent thinning and protects against UV damage.

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This Anti-Aging Re-Densifying cream with Vectorized Micro-Collagen, Resultime patent*, combines Vitamin A (flagship anti-aging active ingredient) with ATP (an energy-producing molecule), to boost Collagen synthesis (+95.7%***). The skin looks denser, more elastic, smoother and more even.
*Resultime patent FR, DE, GB, IT, ES, BE, CH, LU
*** in vitro test

• This Re-Densifying Cream is formulated for all skin types. • Apply in the morning and/or evening to the face and neck using upward sweeping strokes. Resultime Facial Gymnastics: • Zone 1 - Extend the neck, swallow, 5 times. - Head back, lift the lower jaw, push your chin forward. - Breathe out completely. - Release, 3 times. - Head back, turn it (right/left) while looking over your shoulder, 3 times. - Gently nod your head (up/down), 3 times. • Zone 2 - Puff out your cheeks, move the air from one cheek to the other, paying particular attention to the area under your nose, 3 times. - Lips puckered, gently breathe out as if you were blowing bubbles. - Smile fully, 3 sec. - Release, 3 times. • Zone 3 - Contract the muscle by progressively clenching your teeth. - Place your index finger on your lower teeth, push your teeth upwards and resist the movement with your finger. • Zone 4 - Raise your eyebrows as high as you can, 3 times. - Close your eyes and focus your gaze. - Blink 10 times. - Close your eyelids as normal, 10 sec. - Smile gently to relax your facial muscles.
• Vectorized Micro-Collagen – PATENT* • Encapsulated Vitamin A • ATP • Zinc-Glycine Complex *Resultime patent FR, DE, GB, IT, ES, BE, CH, LU

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