Psoriatic Skin - Psorisdin Hygiene Bath Gel

532,000 LBP
A daily wash formula, enhanced with hydrating oils and active ingredients, which acts as a soap substitute to relieve itchiness for people with psoriasis.

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Specific psoriatic skin care. Keeps skin cleansed and protected against flaking, redness and itchiness which is typical of unwieldy psoriatic skin conditions.
• Its 18.5% oil and shea butter content protects, hydrates and smooths the skin.
• Helps alleviate and soothe itchiness through the properties of laureth-9.

• Apply daily to wet skin. • Gently massage into a lather and rinse thoroughly with water. • Dry without rubbing.
Oils 18.5%, Polidocanol, Cosmacol ELI, Aloe vera

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