Pigment Control Anti Dark Spots Device - Face

3,472,500 LBP
A pigment control device that visibly reduces brown spots for the face, neck and neckline. Pigmentation is reduced within 30 days.

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Inspired by NASA’s work, Pigment Control is the 1st Light Therapy anti-aging cosmetic instrument to target skin spots locally.

At the cutting edge of innovation, it is the fruit of the Talika Research team’s expertise, after studying wavelengths for almost 15 years and becoming a pioneer on the Light Therapy market in 2008.

This patented, compact and easy-to-use device combines the emission of a 525-nm wavelength across an action area that is adjusted to specifically target dark spots with an ionotherapy function designed to enhance the effectiveness of brightening creams.

• Green light (525 nm): targets and regulates melanocyte activity. The anarchic synthesis of melanin is under control, and the intensity and size of discolorations are reduced.

• Ionotherapy: imperceptible ionic micro-currents increase skin permeability, enhancing the penetration and effectiveness of key ingredients in spot-reducing creams.
• Micro-vibrations: stimulate cellular exchanges.

Pigment Control’s ultra-targeted action quickly takes back control over dark spots on the face, hands and neckline. After 30 days, the pigmentation of dark spots decreases by up to 44%*.

Day after day, unsightly shading disappears, and the face lights up!


• Green light (525 nm): reduces the intensity of dark spots.
• Ionotherapy: enhances the penetration and effectiveness of anti-dark spot treatments.
• Micro-vibrations: stimulate cellular exchanges.

Dermatologically tested technologies.
* Clinical test – 30 subjects – average for 10 / 30 subjects (overall average of -27%) – one daily 2-minute session – dermatological scoring

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE 1 minute in the morning & evening, as a 28+-day treatment or throughout the year. It is ergonomic and easy-to-use, so just switch it on, and it will activate when it comes into contact with the epidermis, automatically turning off after 1 minute. Use with or without a spot-reducing cosmetic treatment (boosts treatment effectiveness). Not recommended for people allergic to direct contact with metal (nickel).

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