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Phytolastil Stretch Mark Correction Serum: Due to Puberty, Pregnancy, Weight Variations - Pack of 20 Ampoules

95,000 LBP
Enriched with 84% restructuring plant complex, this intensive serum treatment diminishes the appearance and emergence of stretch marks as a result of puberty, pregnancy or weight fluctuations.

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Puberty, Pregnancy, Weight Variations
This non-greasy and highly concentrated solute, which has an 84% restructuring plant complex, promotes the regression of stretch marks.

Promotes the regression of stretch marks made (depth, width, length, color).

Preventive and corrective efficacy on stretch marks confirmed by 11 clinical studies conducted on more than 500 women at the international level:
- An improvement of the stretch marks constituted: positive results in 80% * of the cases.
- Overall aesthetic improvement appreciated on the color, depth, width and length of stretch marks.
* Study performed on 45 women after application of PHYTOLASTIL Solute 2 times daily for 40 days.

• Apply one ampoule bulb morning and evening by lightly massaging until complete penetration of the product on affected areas, for 8 weeks. • The application can be prolonged beyond 8 weeks at the rate of once a day as long as skin improvements are observed. • The regularity of application is essential to obtain an optimal result and the results are all the more important as the stretch marks are treated early. Specific use of the ampoules: • Shake the ampoule. • Break the container with the "break bulb" and pour the contents into the diffuser bottle. • Spray on the affected areas. • Massage lightly until the product is completely penetrated.
This serum is formulated based on an exclusive plant synergy for a specific response to stretch marks. 84% Alchemilla-Ivy-Horsetail restructuring complex: exclusive LIERAC, this complex - rich in flavonoids and tanoids - stimulates the biosynthesis of collagen and elastin fibers by fibroblasts.

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