Phyto5 Metal Element Ceresal Cream

495,000 LBP
Enriched with antioxidants, this hydrating day cream revives dull and dry complexions to reveal more supple and even skin with each use.

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This cream is to be applied generally during the day to balance the ill effects of the Fall energetic season and to address all Metal conditions such as demineralized dry, dull, lifeless looking skin with surface dryness.

Apply in the morning onto clean and dry skin.
The following ingredients are used primarily for their energetic qualities, however they also have specific topical properties as follows: Unique ingredients are: • Rice bran oil: This is a very moisturizing agent and potent antioxidant. • Rice extract: A very effective moisturizer, rice extract is an antioxidant, astringent and anti-inflammatory. It also has softening properties and it is a tonic for the skin. • Ylang ylang oil: A calming, sedative, aphrodisiacal oil, ylang-ylang assists as an antidepressant and helps maintain a good temper. It is an excellent skin and hair tonic. • Eucalyptus oil: An essential oil that is very soothing to the skin, it is often used in the treatment of cellulite. • Thyme oil: Thymol in thyme oil makes it an excellent natural preservative. Thyme oil possesses anti-infectious and antioxidant properties. • Glycerin: From vegetal origin, it smooths and moisturizes the skin and serves as an effective skin lubricant. • Rosemary extract: This extract is a preservative and an antioxidant. With anti-age properties, it is known as a free radical scavenger. • Vitamin E: The main antioxidant of the organism, it protects cells against free radicals and prevents oils from going rancid.

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