Phyto5 Ageless La Cure Clay Mask - Soothing & Purifying

391,000 LBP
Enriched with Kaolin Clay Silica, this ultra-hydrating and nourishing mask gently rids the face of dead skin as it stimulates regeneration and mineralizes it to reveal a more youthful, radiant, and even complexion. Certified organic.

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Ageless La Cure Clay Mask soothes, purifies, hydrates and revitalizes your skin. It provides a plentiful source of natural mineralization, powered by kaolin clay silica which improves hydration, gently removes dead skin cells and toxins, improves circulation, and encourages natural regeneration. It restores balance and erases common visible signs of aging and is especially beneficial for sensitive and dry aging skin.

• Apply onto a clean face. • Leave for 3-5 minutes. • Rinse thoroughly.
Kaolin clay: This white clay is soothing and astringent while it protects and cleanses the skin. It absorbs toxins and oil on the surface of the skin. It is very rich in minerals, such as silicium, magnesium, calcium, zinc and copper.

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