Pâquerette Huile de Massage Daisy Oil

45,000 LBP
Daisy flowers oil, enriched with a macerate of daisy flowers and Vitamin E, specifically designed to give radiance to the neck as well as firm and tone up the chest. Paraben-free and Silicone-free.

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Natessance Daisy Flowers Oil allows you to bring more radiance to your neck and also to your chest.

This oil of daisy flowers is formulated with macerate of daisy flowers and also vitamin E. It is particularly recommended for its numerous tonifying virtues.
Used regularly, it is a precious advantage to keep the chest firm and toned.

Paraben free,
Paraffin free,
Phenoxyethanol free,
Silicone free,
Phtalate free.
Oil dermatologically tested.

• Apply this oil, on the face and on the chest, morning and evening, on clean and dry skin. • Massage until absorbed into the skin.

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