Nutratopic Pro-AMP Facial Cream - Atopic Skin

679,000 LBP
A creamy formula, enhanced with L-Isoleucine, Shea Butter and Glycerin, which protects and strengthens the children's skin barrier while reducing symptoms related to atopic dermatitis.

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Prevention, care and reduction of the main visible symptoms of infantile facial atopic dermatitis: itchiness, dryness, flaking, erythema and skin edema.

Helps control the signs of atopic dermatitis with a unique dual active protection of the skin’s defense system:
- Increases the production of antimicrobial peptides (AMPs), which are the skin's first line of defense, through the action of L-isoleucine.
- Restores the skin barrier.
Rapidly absorbed. Its lamellar structure blends with the skin.

Apply twice a day to the face as an adjuvant for symptom control and as maintenance in remission periods.
L-isoleucine, Rhamnosoft, Glycine Ceramide, Shea butter, Squalane, Glycerin, Trimethylglycine, Hydrogenated lecithin

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