La Roche-Posay

MICELLAR Cleansing Water

700,500 LBP
This no-rinse liquid formula is specifically designed to cleanse and remove makeup while soothing the skin. Suitable for face, eyes and lips.

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•Cleanses skin of impurities, removing make-up and pollution.
•It also soothes the skin to provide comfort and freshess.
•Efficacy proven from the first cotton pad
•Anti-pollution efficacy
•Leaves the skin clear, clean and fresh

- Removes 99% of facial make-up from the first cotton pad*
- Perfectly removes impurities and dirt
- Cleanses gently, does not dry the skin
- Leaves the skin clear and clean
- Leaves the skin feeling fresh

Soak a cotton pad with product. First remove make-up from the lips, then the eyes (one cotton pad per eye) then the rest of the face, until the cotton pads are no longer stained. For greater effectiveness and to limit rubbing, hold the cotton pad against the skin for a few seconds before gently wiping.
1. Micelles 2. Clycerin 3. LRP Thermal spring water
Formulated with micelles and glycerin, MICELLAR WATER ULTRA Sensitive Skin cleanses skin of impurities, removing make-up and pollution. It also soothes sensitive skin. Respects the skin's physiological balance.

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