Leg Balm

570,000 LBP
An anti-allergic soothing formula that combats inflammation, fungal infections, blisters, and premature aging in legs and feet. Suitable for diabetics.

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GEHWOL Leg Balm is a gentle, non-oily herbal balm especially designed for the care of the legs and feet. Allantoin and bisabolol (chamomile extract) is a natural soothing, anti irritant and skin protectant. Horse chestnut is used to treat varicose veins and swollen veins. Which hazel extract, menthol and panthenol soothe irritation, while providing a mildly astringent effect that will alleviate skin blemishes and redness. These precious active ingredients are rapidly absorbed by the skin.

GEHWOL Leg Balm makes skin beautiful, smooth and supple when used regularly. Dry skin, blemishes, discoloration, infections and premature skin aging are prevented. A gentle massage strengthens and stimulates the veins, alleviates leg discomfort during pregnancy and immediately gives a pleasant feeling of freshness.

Massage cream into the legs and feet once or twice a day.
Effective Ingredients Hamamelis, panthenol, Bisabolol, Allantoin, menthol, octopriox.

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