K.Therapy Sensitive Relaxing Night Drops

918,000 LBP
This specially-formulated concentrate rehydrates and calms irritations on the scalp, leaving it soothed, nourished, and balanced without oil or residue. Suitable for daily use.

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• Softening, smoothing.
• Hydrated scalp, reduction of flaking and itching.
• Softening, hydrating, healing.
• Reduces erythema.
• Hydrating, anti-irritant.
• Balances the scalp and returns it to normal.
• Anti-inflammatory.
• Reduction of flaking, irritation and itching.
• Refreshing.
• Immediate comfort and freshness.

• Apply to the scalp, particularly to sensitive areas. • Massage gently to help the product penetrate. • DO NOT RINSE. • Instantaneous penetration. • Non-oily. • It can be used everyday, particularly at night, or whenever an immediate calming effect is required.
Active Agents: • Cotton peptides • Aloe Vera • Natural Betaine (sugar beet extract) • Bisabolol (camomile extract) • Menthol

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