Glam & Doll Mini Mascara Waterproof High Glow Powder Duo

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This lovely bundle contains: Glam & Doll Volume Mini Mascara Waterproof 6ml + High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder 8g

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Glam & Doll Volume Mini Mascara Waterproof:
The Glam & Doll Volume Mini Mascara Waterproof is ideal for carrying around and guarantees long-lasting, waterproof eye make-up with voluminous lashes and a wow-effect. The special elastomer brush absorbs a lot of the creamy black texture and coats each individual lash with mascara without weighing it down. The result is extra volume, fascinating length and a unique curl – all day long! Ophthalmologically tested.
To make your mascara last as long as possible, avoid pumping the brush in and out of the bottle. This way, air and bacteria can get into the bottle and the texture will spoil faster and can no longer be used. Also a no-go: wiping the brush on the edge. The texture collects there and dries out. When you pull the wand out, lumps will get on the brush and stick to the lashes. Better: pull the brush out once with a twisting motion, wipe off any excess mascara on a soft cosmetic tissue and apply in a zigzag motion. Then put the brush back in the bottle with a twisting motion.

High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder:
A baked Highlighting Powder with minerals and ultra-fine, light-reflecting pigments for a radiant look. The delicate texture offers variable coverage, which can be intensified with repeated application. Can be applied as a subtle shimmer on the entire face for a fresh complexion or to accentuate the cheeks, temples and neckline. Glow look!

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