Compagnie De Provence

Fragrance Diffuser - Rose Bay

1,147,000 LBP
Enriched with essential oils of Lemon, Patchouli and Pink Berries, this diffuser instantly uplifts the senses with its de-stressing and relaxing properties to permeate the room with positive vibes.

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The Mediterranean garden inspired this elegant fragrance that reveals a perfect harmony of the delicate, powdery scent of the Flowers and green notes of the Leaves. This fragrance contains essential oils of Lemon, Patchouli and Pink Berries. The essential oils of Lemon are known for their de-stressing and purifying virtues.

Remove the glass cap, pour the perfumed solution in the glass bottle and insert the 8 rattan sticks. The sticks absorb the perfumed solution by capillarity and diffuse the scent for several weeks. The intensity of diffusion can be adjusted depending on the number of sticks inserted into the bottle. After few days and to optimize the diffusion, turn over the sticks in the bottle.
Alcohol, water, fragrance.

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