The Oozoo

Face Injection Mask Nutrient

60,000 LBP
Highly nourishing face mask: provides nourishement and improves wrinkles

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Syringe type that preserves the fresh quality of the natural ingredients to deliver fresh effects by mixing right before use.
Nutrition program that helps achieve healthy
flawless skin through repairing skin damages
High quality Micro-fiber sheet.

1- Press the first top button to mix core sustance with boost ingredients in compartment 2 and mix well. 2-Insert the syringe into the cap and press down the piston to inject the active ingredients into the mask 3-Softly massage the pouch so that active ingredients can be fully absorbed into the mask sheet 4- Apply the mask sheet on your face for 10-20minutes and then gently pat your face so that the remaining ampoule essence could be completely absorbed into the skin
Solution Ingredient : Pantenol Antioxidant from Pro Vitamin B5 protects the skin while providing fast calming relief and a sufficient supply of energy to the skin

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