The Oozoo

Face in-Shot Mask Illumination

49,500 LBP
Skin radiance program: improves skin radiance and oil &moisture balance

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THE OOZOO's 'Face In-Shot Illumination Mask' enhances your complexion's natural radiance, making it the perfect treatment after a stressful work week or long-haul flight. Infused with brightening Saccharomyces, strengthening Ectoin and vitalizing Resurrection Plant, this formula boosts moisture while imparting a youthful-looking glow.

1- Press the first top button to mix core sustance with boost ingredients in compartment 2 and mix well. 2-Insert the syringe into the cap and press down the piston to inject the active ingredients into the mask 3-Softly massage the pouch so that active ingredients can be fully absorbed into the mask sheet 4- Apply the mask sheet on your face for 10-20minutes and then gently pat your face so that the remaining ampoule essence could be completely absorbed into the skin
Saccharomyces :provides excellent radiance effect with abundant enzymes of variant yeasts Ectoin: skin-strenthening ingredients extracted from microorganisms existing under an extreme environnement Resurrectio plant: Activates the vitality of aging skin like reviving dry leaves with moisture Keratinase S: enzyme extractes from sea mud of the west sea that helps with peeling the outer protection film of core ingredients to activate it β-glucan forms a skin protective film and improves moisture with substances existing in the cell of the yeast

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