The Oozoo

Face Gold Foilayer Mask

25,000 LBP

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A new concept of sheet mask
with 3-layered foil matrix that blocks the external air
from getting into the skin to replenish moisturizing
ingredients deeper into your dry skin, there by keeping
your skin hydrated and radiant.
An intensive solution to keep your dry
skin moisturized and radiant for longer
through pure Saccharomyces, which
accounts for 60% of the ingredients,
and coffee Arabica seed oil which forms
a hydrophilic path to the skin.

1- After washing your face, take the sheet out , its seperated into top and bottom and place the white textile side on your face 2- after 10-20 minutes take mask off and gently pat your face for the essence to be abosrbed into your skin
Pure Saccharomyces accounting for 60% of the ingredients Highly effectiveyeast compared to pitera essence, which enhances moisturizing,vitalizing, glowing, and tightening effects Fullerene (Anti-Oxidant Ingredients): It removes toxic substance from our skin and creates a clear, healthyand radiant skin.

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