Easy Peeling Exfoliating Action - Pack of 8 Wipes

114,000 LBP
Infused with microspheres, Prickly Pear extract and Witch Hazel water, these convenient exfoliating wipes gently peel away dull and dead cells while deeply cleansing and purifying the pores in a single step. Suitable for face and body.

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Exfoliating face and body wipes
Achieve a smooth and even skin with the exfoliating facial wipe which cleans pores and gets rid of dead skin cells and comes in a size perfectly suited to fit into make-up bags, purses or bags. There’s no excuse!

Can be carried in your make-up bag, purse, or bag.
In just one step you have finished a complete exfoliation.
Can be applied to face and body.
Gets rid of impurities, cleanses skin pores and stimulates cell renewal.
Ideal as a weekly treatment.
Preparatory treatment for the Self-tanning line.
1 minute for a complete application.

Pack of 8 wipes.

Apply by massaging on dry skin. Apply once or twice a week.
Paraben-free. Fragrance allergen-free. No added dyes. Recommended for all skin types. Prickly pair extract Originating in tropical America, this extract performs a biological exfoliation as it contains enzymes which have a “scissor” effect on the structure which holds the corneocytes tightly together. Glycerine and derivative Glycerine and glycolic and glucose derivatives with moistening and emollient properties, which favour moisture retention in the epidermis. Witch hazel water An ingredient which reduces redness of the skin and favours skin cell renewal.

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