Compagnie De Provence

Diffuseur de Parfum

66,000 LBP
This fragrabce diffuser will leave a delicxate smell in the house.

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A true decorative object, this fragrance diffuser combines glass-making know-how and perfume of excellence created in Provence, in Grasse.
Under its apparent simplicity, it brings a touch of elegance to your interior and offers a unique olfactory experience .
Contained in a glass bottle with a sleek design, its high concentration of perfume allows optimal persistence in
all rooms of the house and diffusion of the perfume for several weeks.

Remove the glass cover, pour the scented solution into the bottle and place the 8 sticks. The latter absorb the scented solution by capillary action and diffuse the scent for several weeks. The intensity of the diffusion can be modulated according to the number of rods inserted into the bottle. Remember to reverse the sticks in your bottle in order to reactivate the perfume and extend the life of your sticks. Dangerous. Observe the precautions for use. Highly flammable liquid and vapor.

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