Detox-Slimming Set

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Get 2 Nutreov Calori Track 3 in 1 Free on the purchase of 1 Nutreov Détox Universel Flash 5J Triple Action + 1 Nutreov Water Pill Water Retention

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This set contains:

- Nutreov Détox Universel Flash 5J Triple Action: Universal Detox Flash 5 days combines concentrated plant extracts, plant-based curcumin, an essential oil and a microbiotic strain.

- Nutreov Water Pill Water Retention: The human body contains about 65% water, which is essential for its functioning. But sometimes it does not properly dispose of the surplus.
Water retention corresponds to the accumulation of water in the tissues, resulting in unsightly swelling.
Resulting from Nutreov laboratories research, WaterPill® Water retention is your ally against these inconveniences.
Thanks to its technology, a single tablet per day concentrates 8 extracts of natural origin to help you maintain a refined and light silhouette.

- Nutreov Calori Track 3 in 1: Resulting from research by Nutreov laboratories, Calori-Track® makes it possible to capture part of the fats, sugars and calories from food.
Calori-Track® is the ideal companion for small deviations such as large and overly rich meals. You can continue to enjoy your meals with pleasure while taking care of your shape. Expiry Date: 05-2023

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