Dercos Detox Dry-Shampoo

361,000 LBP
Rich in sebum absorbing Kaolin clay and detoxifying Spirulina, this purifying dry shampoo provides a 24 HR control of the scalp sebum production that is daily exposed to pollution. Oily scalp is left balanced, odorless, and instantly refreshed. Alcohol and Silicon-free.

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Vichy Dercos Nutrients Detox Dry Shampoo 150ml is a dry shampoo specially formulated for the hair and scalp which tends to get oily quickly.

This purifying dry shampoo contains a formula that associates absorbing Kaolin clay and detoxifying Spirulina. The hair scalp is refreshed and the sebum level, regulated.

It is ideal for the women that are exposed to daily pollution, which affectes the production of sebum. It provides immediately a sensation of instantaneous freshness. It reduces the hair scalp odor and controls the sebum level and the greasy appearance of the scalp for 24 hours.

Suitable for sensitive hair scalp.

Formulated with silicon free, alcohol free.

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