Yves Saint Laurent

Concealer Brush

630,000 LBP
Thanks to its angled shape, this cruelty-free concealer brush made with synthetic fibers precisely and smoothly blends in concealer in specific spots around the face and eyes.

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A brush for blending and spot concealing. This makeup brush is cruelty free, made with high-quality synthetic bristles that do not absorb makeup and are easy to clean.

This concealer brush is the perfect tool for spot concealing small areas on the face and around the eyes. Concealing with this brush is made easy thanks to its angled edged shape.

How To Use the Concealer Brush: - Work with the tip to pin-point small areas like pimples or small blemishes. Use the flat of the brush for under eye circles, or larger areas you want to conceal. - Recommended textures: solid, creamy or liquid formulas.

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