Coco Bio - 100% Pure Coconut Oil

353,000 LBP
A Coconut extracted oily formula, highly enriched with Lauric acid, designed to nourish the face, body and hair on a daily basis. It has a sweet and fragrant flavor; ideal for the whole family and for any use including cooking and frying.

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Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, without additives, is known for its high lauric acid content.
100% PURE VIRGIN OIL - certified organic

• Ideal for cooking, frying, pastries instead of butter. • You can also apply it daily on the face, body, hair. • It is perfect for the whole family, and for any use. Coconut oil solidifies at a temperature below 25 ° C, this does not affect its quality. To use it, pass the bottle under hot water. Store in a cool, dry place away from light.
Organic coconut virgin oil

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