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Body-Slim Cryoactive Concentrate - Embedded Cellulite

113,500 LBP
This highly concentrated formula targets embedded cellulite to smooth away dimples by converting white adipocytes into fat-burning brown adipocytes, leaving the skin smoother and more toned within 14 days.

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Lierac Body-Slim Cryoactive Concentrate Embedded Cellulite is a concentrate that reduces embedded cellulite while smoothing and firming the dimples.

This concentrate contains an active caffeine complex which stimulates the fats destocking. WTB fat release system transforms the storage of white adipocytes into fat burning brown adipocytes.

Its formula also contains an exclusive active, the Pro-Irisine, which stimulates naturally the Irisine produced by the body and boosts the transformation of the white adipocytes into brown.
Its pink gel texture provides you an immediate cold effect which actively improves the slimming efficacy.

From 14 days, your skin is firmed and toned. From 28 days, 70% of the cushioning are smoothed.

Apply by circular massages morning and evening on the targeted areas.

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