Baiser Fou - Eau de Parfum

3,152,000 LBP
Inspired by an all-consuming infatuation, this magnetic fragrance hugs the skin with florals and femininity with notes of Orchid, Raspberry, White Chocolate, and Vanilla, for an obsessively addictive blend.

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Baiser Fou is not a fragrance; it is a flower, an orchid, skin to skin--fully, passionately. Baiser Fou combines a mischievous and feminine Soliflore with delicious balmy accents that have the taste of a kiss. It leaves the trail of a flower-woman in a bottle topped, as if in a moment of madness, with a bright pink cabochon.

Hold the fragrance 15cm away from your body and spray onto your pulse points (on wrists, inner elbows, behind ears and on neck).

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