J.F. Lazartigue

Anti-Dandruff Cream - After Shampoo

87,000 LBP
A soothing formula that reduces itching after just one application. Its anti-dandruff agent (suspension of zinc pyrithione) eliminates dandruff and normalizes the corneous layer of the scalp, leaving it pure and soft.

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Intense treatment for persistant dandruff.
Enriched with zinc pyrithione, an active ingredient with proven anti-dandruff effectiveness, the formula is applied to the scalp and left for a longer period of time to remove dandruff. Dandruff is less visible in the hair and on the shoulders. This nourishing and purifying hair care helps restore a healthy scalp in order to prevent dandruff. Its fresh-scented sulfate- and silicone-free formula instantly soothes the scalp and leaves the hair pure, soft and shiny.

• After shampoo, apply section by section onto the scalp. • Leave on for a few minutes. • Form a lather and then rinse off with plenty of water. • In case of contact with eyes, rinse.
Zinc pyrithione, an active ingredient recognized by dermatologists to limit the growth of the Malassezia bacteria and cleanse the scalp.

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