Secret Formulas for the Ultimate Beauty! 👩✨

What you are about to read is a list of top secret formulas for your ultimate glow... So keep it hush!!

Just kidding... Everyone deserves to learn how to take care of themselves and their skin the right way! After all, self care and skincare are pure joy, and joy is meant to be shared.

If you don't know it by now, Essential Oils have MANY benefits! They reduce stress, help you sleep better and take care of your skin among other things. Plus, they smell great!

Basically, Essential Oils are magic!

So how can you implement magic into your skincare routine? Puressentiel made it easy!


Puressentiel Soft Skin Duo


Secret formula número una:

Duo-Oil Aggressive Skin Organic + Gaultheria Essential Oil.

All you have to do is add 4 caps of the Duo-Oil Aggressive Skin Organic + 5 drops of the Gaultheria Essential Oil to remove bumps from the skin!




This one is for all the lovely people out there who have a sensitive skin:

Duo-Oil Sensitive Skin + Organic Peppermint Essential Oil.

The recipe is as follows: Add 4 caps of the Duo-Oil Sensitive Skin + 5 drops of the Organic Peppermint Essential Oil for the perfect Hair Removal Treatment.


Cell Regeneration Duo

And last but not least... Mature Skin Duo-Oil Organic + Organic Helichrysum Essential Oil.

Step 1: Add 4 caps of the Mature Skin Duo-Oil Organic.

Step 2: Add 2 drops of the Organic Helichrysum Essential Oil to regenerate the skin's cells!

Et voilà... Whether you've been blessed with a rough skin, sensitive skin or mature skin, you now have a unique and effective way to make the BEST out of what you've got!

When you are using organic and natural ways to take care of your complexion, you know you're doing something right!

So keep updating and experimenting with your skincare routine until you find what is right for you! Remember that Princess Tiana had to kiss many frogs before she found her perfect match! 🐸✨

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