New Chapter in our Lives! 🌜

I don’t think people have ever been this excited about a New Year before! 2021 is the year of hope and new beginnings. It is what everyone felt on New Year’s Eve: this is our chance to put 2020 behind us and to welcome a fresh start… a new chapter in our lives.

New chapter in our lives

However, some things never change. With every New Year come the New Year's Resolutions… You know, the resolutions we always make at the beginning of each year and then forget all about them by January 5th? Yes, those.

Well, this is something to thank 2020 for (surprising, I know); whether you noticed or not, the previous year taught us a valuable lesson. It grounded us and made us more realistic and focused when it comes to making big plans. Cause EVERYTHING can change in a split of a second.

It’s a scary thought, I know, but it is also kind of liberating. When we look at our goals for 2021, we see the essential and important stuff… Realistic goals that truly matter.

Here are some life-changing and easy-to-follow New Year's Resolutions we should all adopt in 2021:

A change in bad habits leads to a change in life


It doesn’t have to be cooking, but ANYTHING that just makes you happy. Whether it’s reading a book, walking your dog, spending time with your kids, playing PlayStation or even the skincare routine that make you feel better about yourself. DO IT ALL! Don’t deny yourself anything good in life that gets you glowing from the inside-out! You deserve to be happy and you can create your own happiness!


We can’t emphasize this point enough! Taking care of yourself IS the only thing that can make you go through anything and everything with a wide smile on your face! When you feel good the whole world looks a little bit brighter, so take that hot bath, get that new haircut, get that manicure, use that moisturizer, go to the spa, RULE THE WORLD!

You can find all that you need at Skin Society and SkinTime by G SPA. Everything from skincare products to make up, fragrances, day spa, medi spa, hair salon and MORE at your reach!


Negativity is so last year! Who needs that?! The world is filled with good people who have good intentions and who will go above and beyond to see you smile! So say FAREWELL to all those negative people in your life and hang a sign at the door that says: GOOD VIBES ONLY!


This is the mindset to adopt in 2021. Last year was so full of changes that we were just not ready for! So this year, make it your goal to accept changes and to make the best out of every situation. Life is full of great as well as bad events but we won’t let any of them define us! We can turn things around and WE WILL!


JUST KIDDING! Well, this is a good idea in general but you can’t really travel the world now and enjoy it because, you know, COVID-19. STAY HOME AND STAY SAFE!

Make 2021 your year


This goes beyond having a slim figure; eating healthy can actually change your life… FOR THE BETTER! Eating healthy can make you feel amazing as well as look amazing. Healthy food is good for your mind, spirit, body and skin!

*Did you know that Avocado, Broccoli, Tomato, Strawberry, Orange, and Papaya Pepper can help you get radiant skin?


Need to pass that exam? Study! Need a new job? Apply! Want better skin and hair? Get the right products! Want to look flawless 24/7? Buy high-quality makeup! The sky is the limit. You want something? GO AND GET IT!


We all need a makeover every now and then, it helps us see ourselves and the world from a new perspective! So why the heck not? New Year, new look, new you! Show the world what you've got!!


Whether it’s your family, your friends, your girlfriend/boyfriend, your dog, your cat or even yourself! You will never regret spending more time with your loved ones. The people you love and who love you back are the most important thing in your life! Be grateful for them, give them your full attention and let them know that YOU LOVE THEM at every chance you get!


A good and fulfilled life (or even a good and fulfilled year) doesn’t just happen… it needs a lot of conscious work from your side. So memorize these goals, go back and read them whenever you lose focus and WORK on them. YOU CAN DO IT!

We hope you find these points relatable and helpful! We want you in your best shape physically, mentally and spiritually! Together we can achieve the best version of YOU!!

Love your glow

You might have noticed that we mentioned skincare and good skin a lot throughout these resolutions, well that’s because keeping you #InGoodSkin is our specialty! So we can’t leave without suggesting curated routines based on skin type for you to start off your year right (even if it's from home) with radiant & healthy skin:

Resultime for Mature Skin:

  1. Day - Anti-Dark Spots Correcting Serum
  2. Night - Replenishing Cream
  3. Twice per week - Microdermabrasion Scrub with Quartz & Vitamin E


Isdin for Sensitive Skin:

  1. Day & Night - Micellar Solution 4-in-1
  2. Day & Night - Flavo-C Ultraglican Daily Antioxidant Serum
  3. After Serum - FotoUltra 100 Fusion Fluid


DCL for Hyperpigmented Skin:

  1. Day - Skin Renewal Complex SPF30
  2. Night - AHA Lightening Gel
  3. Twice per week - G10 Radiance Peel


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Have a splendid year and remember... Always stay #InGoodSkin!! ✨✨

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