Gather your Beauty Team... it's Time for a Transformation! 💪

Ready. Set. Go !!

Taking care of yourself and your appearance is NOT an easy job... and sometimes, or well, most of the times you will need an extra pair of hands!

Sure you can go to a beauty salon, and that's a wise option. However, on days when you're too lazy or tired to go out, you can gather a little self and skin care team at home!

Get to meet your beauty tools, aka, your new best friends:

PS: You can find all that is mentioned below in our Tools corner in store OR online!


These include: Make up cases & pouches, brush cleaners, brush sets, eye brushes, face brushes, mirrors, sharpeners, sponges & applicators, tweezers & eyebrow tools, and eyelash curlers.

Your face will be flawless and ready to go!


Everything from facial cleansers, body brushes, cellulite massagers, blackheads extractors, bath accessories and tech tools.

All the extras to get rid of unwanted guests on your face and body!


Your hair allies: Hair brushes, hair combs, hair scissors, and hair accessories.

I mean, these are basically necessities, right?


Men's self care ritual is simple yet very delicate & important. Get your groomers, trimmers, and beard & mustache tools for an easy & quick routine.

You will sure be some Barbie's Ken!


Hair curlers, hair dryers, hair straighteners, and hair stylers... you know, the basics.

No time to go to the hair salon? No problem!


The ultimate form of art! The right manicure & pedicure tools make the perfect nails!

Be your own nail artist!


It is a well known belief that your surroundings are a reflection of you! So when you take care of your home, you are also taking care of yourself!

Pick up your home accessories & cleaning tools and feel better from the inside-out!


Many tools will make your overall wellbeing better, like fitness tools, massagers, foot warmers & heating pads!

'Cause when you feel good, you look good!


The necessary, yet unpleasant step... however, it doesn't have to be this way. Chose your essentials from shavers & shaving creams, epilators, waxing and hair regrowth prevention products wisely.

Make the process comfortable & fun!!

Now that you've gathered your team, go ahead and start on your life & self-changing journey!

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