7 Steps for the Perfect Summer Body! 👙

Summer is right around the corner! We love summer for the nice feelings of happiness and freedom it casts upon us… anything is possible, the sky is the limit, and there is just so much to do and enjoy!

No matter what your favorite summer activity is (swimming, travelling, etc.), it is important for us that you do it whole-heartedly and comfortably. We want you to go for it with all you’ve got and with 0 obstacles.

That’s why we prepared this summer body checklist! ONLY for those who are as excited for the up-coming season as we are!

Get your summer body ready with these 7 easy steps:

Get your summer body ready


We at Skin Society are all about body positivity! We believe that beauty has no rules and that every woman is pretty in her own way. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ALWAYS treat your body right - after all, you only get the one!

Achieve a smooth, lifted & toned body contour starting in the shower with our EXCLUSIVE Algotherm Body Lift BUNDLE!

Includes an Exfoliating Body Soap & Thermo-Active Refining Gel to visibly refine the skin's texture & leave it soft, firmed & free of that "orange peel" appearance!

Price: 387,000 LBP

Summer body read: smooth & slim


Getting your summer body ready during spring means you need something effective as well as QUICK! We’ve got NO time to waste! Look fab in that bikini you've been wanting to wear with our innovative LPG Alliance 80 body treatments from SkinTime by G Spa!

This patented device helps to break up fat, smooth & firm the skin WITHOUT causing it any damage, for a visibly slimmer & more toned result after just 3 SESSIONS!

PLUS - Benefit from a FREE CONSULTATION to see which treatment program best suits your needs & enjoy our CUSTOMIZABLE PACKAGES!

Summer body ready: bye-bye cellulite


Who said you can’t finish AND START your summer with a flawless tan? Get in the summer spirit NOW with a beautiful & even tan WITHOUT having to go in the sun yet!

How, you may ask? Our EXCLUSIVE Comodynes wipes help you get your glow on mess-free with our 2-step program!

Step 1: The Easy Peeling Exfoliating Wipes gently resurface the skin to eliminate dull & dead cells, leaving your skin smooth & allowing the tanning product to penetrate more deeply.

Step 2: The Self-Tanning Natural & Fast Bronzing Wipes offer an even & natural-looking tan suitable on the face & body without a messy cleanup!



A healthy body is a happy body, and there is just some things that you need to do whether it’s bikini season or any other time of the year! BUT now is the perfect time to start!

Strengthen your muscles, build stamina & flexibility AND have fun with our Aerial Yoga classes from Skin Society Studio! By using silk hammocks, this form of fusion yoga helps to relieve pressure off the back & achieve greater flexibility through inversions & MORE!

OR Benefit from our selection of Mat & Reformer machine Pilates classes to improve your posture, build core strength & enhance flexibility!

Spinal flexibility and core strength Skin Society Studio


Prepare your skin from INSIDE for the upcoming summer months and achieve a lasting & deep tan!

You can easily do so with the Nutreov Sunsublim Bronzage Intégral capsules!

Enriched with nourishing Argan Oil, this food supplement prepares the skin to better receive a tan while prolonging it & protecting the skin from sun damage! Best if used at least 15 days before sun exposure, during sun exposure & after sun exposure!

Price: 59,000 LBP (30 capsules)


We don’t mean to sound like your mother with this one, however, you have to admit that she is right 99% of the time! (Mom, if you’re reading this, YOU’RE right ALL THE TIME).

Munchies are fun and delicious, but they are not necessarily the best thing for your body… especially if you are trying to achieve the perfect summer look.

So cut down on the munchies WITHOUT suffering with NUTREOV Pectiligne Appetite-Suppressing Squares!

Infused with natural Apple Pectin fibers, these squares provide a feeling of fullness to prevent overeating and manage a healthy weight.

Have a conversation with your body. Wear your aura.


A firm body… isn’t this the dream??? Well, call us your fairy godmother because WE MAKE DREAMS COME TRUE!

Enjoy an anti-cellulite & firming action with our special Puressential Firming Box!

Includes 2 Firming Dry Oils & the unique Celluli-VAC cup to offer a rolling massage to tighten, break up cellulite & tone the skin for noticeable results!

For ONLY 299,000 LBP!

This season, flaunt what you've got on the beach! Nothing can stop you!

Summer Body Checklist

Say GOODBYE SPRING and HELLO SUMMER as loud as you can and sprint towards your favorite season looking and feeling your best!

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